Transit of Venus - June 8, 2004 

I met some travellers from an antique land,
Venus in transit across the sun
and Hatshepsut arising from the desert sand.

(With apologies to Shelley)

Transit was viewed at Luxor, Egypt during tour with Civilized Adventures and RASC Calgary

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Hydrogen alpha images for download-  to download, right click on thumbnail and select
"save target as"
- images may be used with appropriate credit

ingress.jpg                                                  ingressblackdrop.jpg

  midtransitcrop.jpg                                   transithatshepsut.jpg

Technical info:

H alpha scope: Solarview, 50 mm aperture (no central obstruction), 400 mm focal length; f/8, bandwidth 0.7 angstroms

Info re images:

ingress.jpg; - original images shot at prime focus with 2.5X Televue Powermate, Fuji S2 digital camera with raw acquisition at iso 100;composite of one image exposed at 1/500 for surface detail and another image exposed at 1/30 for prominences. Images processed and composited in Adobe Photoshop CS using red channel only, unsharp mask, contrast and color balance and layers.

midtransitcrop.jpg - as above but cropped and rotated to match traditional orientation of transit path

ingressblackdrop.jpg - single 1/60 exposure with minimal adjustment in photoshop - contrast and darkness

transithatshepsut.jpg - photoshop composite image of midtransitcrop.jpg and single image of hatshepsut taken at her temple


Group Pictures
- download as above - right click and save target as

pyramids.jpg    bus 1                           mosque.jpg  bus 1

    abusimbel.jpg                                          galabeya party.jpg

     transitday.jpg                                           blue.jpg

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