Total Solar Eclipse - July 22, 2009  near Ningbo, China 

Trip :  Jul 11 - Aug 1, 2009

Pretour - Shanghai, Hangzhou
Eclipse tour with Civilized Adventures and RASC Calgary - Nanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai - Fengxian
Posttour - Beijing, California - Napa Valley.

web album   - selected photos from tour/trip

Image of eclipse day  track - bus ride south Eclipse day track

Cropped images taken with Nikon D700, 300mm telephoto with 1.4X extender:

First Diamond Ring 



Corona 1


Outer Corona:

Corona 2

Second Diamond Ring 
 2nd diamond ring

Wide View taken with Panasonic Lumix LX3:  Mercury is faintly visible  below eclipse and to left  (click on image for original and magnify)
wide view


Warning: Large files

1.  Wide view of eclipse - small version     (41.5 MB)   Original recorded in portrait as avi file by Fuji f200exr digital camera. Rotated nondistorted avi file is 1.4 GB in size. This is a much smaller wmv version but is distorted (wider). Still captures the city noises compared with last year's relative desert silence.

2. Semizoomed view   (42.6 MB)             
Recorded with Sony HDR-TG5V, converted to wmv