Total Solar Eclipse - July 11, 2010  from atoll of Hao in French Polynesia 

Trip :  Jul 5 - 18, 2010

Eclipse tour with Ring of Fire Expeditions

Tahiti, Moorea, atoll of Hao, Bora Bora

Web Album   - click for selected photos from tour

Google Earth kmz track file for eclipse day:         eclipse day 11jul10.kmz

Viewing site at Hao: 

Cropped images taken with Nikon D700, 300mm telephoto with 1.7X extender:

1st Diamond Ring

Bailey's Beads:



2nd Diamond Ring

 Uncropped images of corona:

Composite of 7 stacked bracketed coronal images:

Wide view taken with Canon s90:


Warning: Large file

Wide view of eclipse    (62 MB)   This was originally recorded in HD with Panasonic ZS7 P&S but was converted to mp4 to reduce file size so there are some compression artefacts esp around sun prior to totality.  Original mts file is 487 MB.

More pics at: